Sunday 4 August 2013

Natures Purest – Great for Baby, Great for the Environment

Back in June I connected with Charlotte Double and Rachel Worthing from Natures Purest. They have a wonderfully friendly team and you can tell when dealing with them that they are very proud of their beautiful range of products. And so they should be.

I’d admired their range when I originally found them on Twitter. I then saw a competition fellow blogger, Maddie Sinclair of Gammon and Chips was running for Natures Purest and it reinforced again just how lovely their products are. I contacted them as their range of dolls and cuddly toys are the kind of thing I've been contemplating for my online shop. Through our chats, they kindly offered to send me something for the girls and what arrived were the most gorgeous dolls and a beautiful blanket.

Natures Purest range is designed for babies from 0-12 months of age. Many of the products are made using organically grown, naturally coloured cotton in shades of green, brown and cream. They are free from pesticides, chemicals  and dyes and the colours used are natural and from plants. Their range covers bootees and bibs to Moses baskets and bedding and it also includes some adorable teddies, soothers and dolls all beautifully made and well thought out.

The first thing Sophia did was to grab Natalie the ragdoll. She loved her. Sophia is 7 now but that doesn't stop the girls’ love of dolls and these are gorgeous. Natalie is big enough for small hands without being daunting. We were given all of our dolls for the girls by family and friends and they are all your typical plastic ones; Baby Annabel, Cupcake etc. The smaller ones are ok but the others are huge, heavy and frustrating for little hands to handle. I have to say that my hubby and I refer to them as “Chucky”! Remember those horror films in the 80’s? They always used some possessed doll didn't they?!

Anyway, I digress. The one thing that hit me with their range of dolls is the attention to detail. All of the dolls have clothes that can be removed and they all have underwear sewn into them. They are super soft and Natalie even has rosy cheeks that have been worked into the fabric used for her body. I so wish this sort of doll had been around when I was younger. I come from a generation of Tiny Tears, Cindy and Barbie dolls. I never played with my Tiny Tears and preferred Cindy to Barbie but I’d have loved a doll like Natalie. Natalie is probably as high as a standard ruler. I've not measured her but this is an estimate so she’s a great size for small children.

It’s also worth mentioning that in the ‘Loved by Parents’ awards for 2013, Natures Purest won Silver for Best Gift under £50 and they were winners of the Best Doll / Soft Toy category; both awards were for their Natalie doll.

We were also sent 2 of the small world dolls from their World Family collection. We had Mama with Babba and Papa doll. I just adore small world dolls and these are no exception. It’s worth mentioning at this stage that all the dolls are made using the off cuts of fabric from their main collection. This shows you just how hard this company is working towards wasting as little as possible. The small world collection has its own house, 2 European children, 1 Asian child and 1 African child plus Mama with Babba and Papa. I loved the fact that Mama was able to carry Babba in a sling. For me this is very important. Many of us as parents carry our babies in slings and to find a range of dolls that embrace this is refreshing. Babba has her own blanket as well as the sling so children can mix and match their play. One gripe I did have though, was trying to put Papa’s clothes back on. The cuffs of the top and trousers need to be made larger/wider so that the limbs fit more easily through the arm and leg sections. I know that even Sophia would struggle with them and as a 41 year old I had to do a big of tugging to get them through. So this is probably worth taking back to the design team to perhaps look at.

The last thing I was sent was a beautiful Organic Cotton All Over Cable Knit Blanket. Both my husband and I were impressed with just how soft this blanket is. It’s beautifully made and perfect for wrapping your little one into. Baby blankets vary so much and can come with unnecessary tassles and additions that eventually become an annoyance or end up coming off the item in question. So for anyone looking for baby products which are fuss free but that still do not compromise on quality, this is a range worth looking at.

Natures Purest have shops all over the UK, in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Russia, USA, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Slovenia and Spain.

In conclusion I highly recommend this range. I love their ethics, the range of clothing looks fabulous, the dolls are beautifully made and every item is beautifully packaged in recycled material and even comes with a gift tag too. This is a company whose attention to detail either with their products or their packaging is by this parent anyway, appreciated.

If you would like to find out for yourself about the full range available from Natures Purest then they have a great website you can browse, they are on Facebook and you can tweet them on Twitter too.


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Disclaimer: I was given a Natalie Doll and 2 Small World dolls for the girls in addition to an Organic Cotton Blanket to keep and review for this post. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are honest, true and my own feelings on the products I tried. I really do love this range and the ethics of this company.



  1. Great timing blog post as I'm on the look out for baby gifts at the moment so will check out this company. Love the doll Natalie, very cute :)

    1. Hi Sarah - Glad it is a well timed post :0) You're not alone, as one of my other readers mentioned they had a gift to buy for their niece. Their range is well worth a look and the dolls and little teddies, bunnies and soothers are adorable too xx


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