About Sophia's Choice

Sophia's Choice is named after our eldest daughter and was initially based on the early choices we made as a family for her when she was very young.

I had my first daughter, whilst living in Brittany, France and often found myself frustrated by the lack of natural and organic baby products available to me. This led me to scour the internet and I began to find some great companies with the types of baby products I was looking for; cot mattresses made from natural, breathable materials, paraben free creams and lotions to apply to my baby girl's delicate skin, clothing made from natural, organic materials, gorgeous wooden toys and so it went on.

Since returning to the UK and having my second daughter, the list has grown further and continues to evolve over time. I have found great classes, books, and magazines which have helped my husband and I, as parents, along our ever evolving journey. And personally, I have been changing my own skincare, bodycare, make-up, clothing etc. It's an exciting journey !

This blog is for the whole family; babies, children, teens, parents and adults. It is ever evolving as we as a family unit grow and change. It is my hope that you will find something here that interests you.

I write about a wide range of subjects/products which are of an organic, natural, eco-friendly, fair-trade and creative nature. The following will give you an idea of the type of things I cover:

Organic - Organic, natural & free-from skin and bodycare for the whole family, organic food and clothing. Basically, anything which is of an organic nature. 

Natural - Here I cover everything from hypno-birthing, breastfeeding and baby massage to health & wellbeing including nutritional supplements and healthy recipes. This section also covers natural toys.

Eco-friendly / Green – I cover a range of products / subjects which are eco-friendly and green; eco lightbulbs, cleaning products, natural mattresses, sleep sacks for babies/toddlers and bio-degradable potties. I've even written about a pencil called Sprout, which grows into herbs!

Fair-trade - Toys, jewellery, clothing; a range of products which is of a fair-trade nature. 

Creative and Educational - This section looks at classes for babies and children (e.g baby signing, music classes), craft activities / ideas for children, games, books and magazines.

Everything shared on this blog has been personally tried and tested by myself or my family unless otherwise stated. The views given are my own personal thoughts and feelings of what has worked for us as a family, no one else's. The content on this blog is for information purposes only. I recommend that you test any skincare products yourself first by doing a patch test. What has worked for us as a family may or may not work for you.   

There are times when companies have approached me or I've approached them about their products and I have been offered samples/products to try out with a view to writing about them on the blog. If this is the case and it's not an item that we as a family have bought ourselves, then it will be clearly stated on that particular blog post. This in no way sways my views or judgement on the product concerned. Only products, classes, ideas etc that I believe in and are right for Sophia's Choice will make it on the blog. For me, transparency and integrity are very important.

I hope you enjoy reading Sophia's Choice x

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