Monday 6 April 2015

Root Vanish by Kazumi

As we move forward in the natural beauty industry, the ability to find more natural hair dyes is becoming far easier than it was. Brands such as Naturtint, Aubrey and Khadi offer the green conscious beauty lover an alternative to mainstream hair dyes which many people can react to.

I was sent a relatively new non-permanent hair dye called Root Vanish from Kiwabi, which as the name suggests is designed to tackle those annoying roots that creep in before you’re next hairdresser appointment, or before you’ve had time to re-order your natural hair dye.

Root Vanish is an eco botanical hair colour solution designed to camouflage grey hair and roots, however it won’t lighten light hair as this would involve using a bleach. It’s a gel based formula with 22 botanical ingredients. It is paraben, sulphate, silicone, & fragrance free and sweat & water resistant. It is also cruelty free. Root Vanish can also be used on men’s side burns and beards as well as hair roots.
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