Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Natural Approach to Problem Skin with Living Nature

Problem skin and acne isn’t fun. Since my teens I’ve had to deal with acne, hormonal break outs, a shiny t-zone and there are times when I’ve longed for so called “normal” skin. However, if I’m honest I don’t really believe normal skin exists.

Everyone’s skin has those times, those moments when it has a tantrum, whether that be dryness, redness, greasiness, spots, acne, even boils. So many factors can change the way our skin behaves; the weather, what we eat, hydration levels, our stress levels and emotions, in addition to what we put on it.

Everyone’s skin is unique and learning what makes it tick is key to choosing the right skincare products to keep it at its best.

Since I transitioned to natural and organic skincare, I have seen a significant change to my skin. It is clearer, my pores appear reduced and I no longer have clusters of blackheads in certain areas such as my nose. I still get break outs, oily areas and sadly the scarring on my jaw line is unlikely to ever completely disappear, however I can vouch for the results a much more natural approach to your skincare regime can produce.

Can Green Clean? Review of Ecover’s New and Improved Washing-up Liquid

Washing up. Not the most fun activity, however one that needs doing if you don’t use a dishwasher for everything. We hand wash most of our glasses, the children’s cups, our chef's knives and anything else which doesn’t survive a dishwasher.

I’ve always tried to choose eco alternatives to your mainstream options when it comes to washing-up liquid. However, there are times when the alternative hasn’t always come up to my cleaning standards.

Ecover recently launched their new and improved washing-up liquid and asked if I’d like to try it out. I was sent a pack with their new and improved Lemon & Aloe Vera washing up liquid, a recycled washing-up brush made from Plantplastic® derived from sugarcane and recycled plastic, a super sized tea towel, some healthy recipe cards and their washing-up tips for getting your plates sparkling.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

A Morning of Relaxation with OV Naturals

Earlier this year, I was kindly invited by Lucy Stevens of OV Naturals in Somerset to experience one of her Aromatherapy treatments. I don’t often get the opportunity to indulge in this sort of thing so when one does present itself, I don’t need much persuasion. I opted for a bespoke aromatherapy facial and looked forward to chilling out for an hour. Bliss !

I have a great love of massage and Lucy offers massage treatments in addition to her facials. You can find out more here. She’s also developed a beautiful capsule collection of facial & body oils which are 100% natural and use 99.5% Soil Association certified ingredients. I will chat about those beautiful facial oils in another post, but for now I’ll tell you more about my fabulous treatment.

Celebrating 3 Years of Blogging !

On the 18th October 2012, I tentatively dipped my toes into the world of blogging. You can read my very first blog post here. Three years on and rather than a fresh faced newbie I well & truly feel like a seasoned oldie!

During those three years I’ve seen lots of new blogs popping up all over the place and sadly some fade away. One thing I’ve learnt with blogging is that it’s very time consuming! I’ve often wondered if I should carry on. My girls have learnt now that they must wait before trying anything new as Mummy may need to photograph it for her blog. Poor things. They’ll end up scarred for sure – LOL!

I’ve been lucky to write about a range of products and topics during my three years of blogging.  From hypnobirthing and baby signing, to natural skincare and crafting for children. It’s been a fun and interesting journey and continues to be so.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

An Inspirational Day at Blog Camp River Cottage

A picture of River Cottage HQ in Axminster, Devon, UK

I was recently one of the lucky bloggers whose name was pulled out of a hat to take one of the remaining Foodies100 places for a fun filled day to River Cottage HQ near Axminster in Devon and Wednesday was the day it all happened.

To say I was excited was an understatement! I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years and it’s only now that I’ve the “child free” time available to experience blogging events and not worry about childcare arrangements. My first was a couple of weeks ago in Swindon for the Gorgeously Green Gathering and this was my second.

And boy, my River Cottage experience didn’t disappoint. As blogger events go, it was organised to perfection and I came away the most inspired I’ve felt in a long time.