Sunday 17 March 2013

Rainbow Glitter Candle with the Sugar Aunts

Back in October last year when I began Sophia’s Choice and set up my Facebook Page to go with the blog, I started connecting with other bloggers, some of which like me had just branched out into this brand new world. The Sugar Aunts were one of the first and are 3 sisters from Pittsburgh, in the USA. I loved the fact that they were sharing creative ideas for children. Craft, cooking, exploring the senses are all things they cover and they have a great linky called “Share it Saturday”. As I love doing craft with the girls , I asked the Sugar Aunts is they’d like to do a Guest Post for Sophia’s Choice and they said they’d love to. So without further a do, over to you Sugar Aunts ! 

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone x


Rainbow Glitter Candle 

This is a great use for those empty jars.  Recycle them into gorgeous candle holders!
What is better than something made with glitter?  How about a Rainbow of Glitter?!?!
This lovely little candle holder was inspired by St. Patrick's Day.

We gathered up everything we thought would be needed to make a beautiful candle holder (we didn't end up using the clover stickers...that will be used for something else!)

~One empty jar (I wanted something tall so we used a green olive jar)

~Mod Podge (the kind that dries clear- Gloss)

~Glitter Flakes (sold next to the glitter at JoAnn Fabrics)

~A rainbow of glitter!

We used a Popsicle stick to paint on rows of Mod Podge on the jar.  My daughter helped sprinkle on the glitter flakes. 

Glitter is a fun sensory experience for kids (Yes, messy...but don't stress the mess!)

Once we finished one row of color, we would move up the jar to the next color.  I would hold the jar while she sprinkled.  We talked about the order of the colors in the rainbow. 

"Mom, how did you know I would love this so very badly?!?"

 This is a great activity for preschoolers, working those fine motor skills.  Pinching the bits of glitter really encourages the use of their tripod grasp.  In the preschool age and older, kids will begin coloring and forming letters.  When an awkward grasp on the writing utensil is established, it is often times difficult to adjust.  For improved ease of handwriting and smooth pencil strokes, the tripod grasp is really the most efficient manner to hold the pencil. 

Any pinching activity is great to encourage the small muscles of the child's hand and in encouraging the rounded arches of their hand.  Plus, with a glitter craft, it's just fun to get a little messy and creative!

My daughter LOVES anything that is girly...and sparkles just make her day.

A little (ok, a lot) of glitter ended up on her hands and the floor, but that just made it all the more fun.

There were so many sparkles, I think I will be finding them on little feet for a few days :)

 The final little girl is so proud of this!


Add a little tea candle or a flame-less candle.

What a beautiful rainbow!

The Sugar Aunts

I'm sure most of you know the UK equivalents used in this craft activity but just in case; a Popsicle Stick is a Lolly Pop Stick and Mod Podge's UK equivalent is probably your standard craft glue sold by places like Baker Ross or your local craft shop :0) 


If you would like to find out more about what the Sugar Aunts do, then hop across to their website They also have a FB page: SugarAunts and you can find them on Twitter.


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