Wednesday 27 March 2013

Organic Surge Mega Bundle of Free-from Skincare Products

For this blog post I’d like to share with you the great free-from products I’ve been trying out from “Organic Surge”.

In the run up to Christmas Organic Surge were offering a “Mega Bundle” of some of their most popular skincare products at an amazing price. I decided this would be a great way to try out some of their products so took advantage of this fabulous offer. What I received were 10 of their most popular products for £24 instead of the normal £60 it would have cost. I couldn’t resist this great offer so I treated myself.

The box of goodies arrived and included the following:
  • Gentle Cleansing Lotion
  • Daily Care Facial Wash
  • Skin Perfecting Polish
  • Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser
  • Overnight Sensation Night Cream
  • Kiss and Make Up Wipes
  • Lavender Meadow Body Lotion
  • Sweet Blossom Shower Gel
  • Lemon and Honey Soap
At the time, I had other skincare products on the go which I had needed to finish before beginning on the Organic Surge Mega Bundle, so I will share with you here the 5 products I have used so far and in another post I’ll share with you my experience of the other 5.

So far I have used the Kiss & Make Up Wipes, Skin Perfecting Polish, Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser, Overnight Sensation Night Cream and the Sweet Blossom Shower Gel.

The Kiss & Make Up Wipes – These natural cleansing wipes are biodegradable, compostable, and made from 100% woven viscose. They are a good size, moist but don’t end up all soggy when you get to the bottom of the pack and clean the skin well. If you use quite heavy make-up then you may find that these wipes are not up to removing everything, but I found that for cleaning off foundation, eyeliner and non-waterproof mascara they coped well leaving my face feeling clean and fresh.

Skin Perfecting Polish – I really liked this exfoliator. It was gentle yet effective. It uses ground apricot stones and walnut shells and wasn’t in any way scratchy on my skin. My face felt deep cleansed after using this followed by my usual facial wash. My face didn’t end up all looking all pink, just naturally healthy. I would definitely repurchase this.

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser – As you know my skin type is combination so this moisturising cream was just a touch too rich for my skin, but I have used it none the less. It has a lovely creamy texture and it sinks into the skin well. It leaves my T-zone a little shiny when I use it, but this is due to this area of my face being overly oily anyway. I should really be using their “Blissful Daily Moisturiser” instead which would be better suited to me. However, if you have dry skin this moisturiser would be a great purchase.

Overnight Sensation Night Cream - Like the intensive daily moisturiser, the Overnight Sensation Night Cream was a lovely rich cream which sunk into the skin easily. I don’t always use a night cream but I really enjoyed using this one. My skin felt nourished and hydrated in the morning. This would again be great for anyone with drier or more mature skin to add to their skincare routine.

Sweet Blossom Shower Gel - I really loved the Sweet Blossom Shower Gel and would definitely repurchase. I’d also like to try out their other shower gels too as they have 5 others in their range. Enough to stop anyone getting bored in the shower in the morning ! The shower gel lathers up well on my body puff and it smells great. Even my eldest commented on how lovely both myself and the bathroom smelt after using it in the mornings! Always a plus.

All in all I’ve been impressed with the range of products Organic Surge produce so far. I like the fact that they are good quality products at reasonable prices. You would probably place them in the same league as Nivea, No.7, Olay and Garnier but without all of the chemical nasties. Organic Surge’s products are all free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrances and colourants. They are animal friendly and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

I’m looking forward to trying out the other 5 products I have to use and reporting back to you on those in a later post, but for now, Organic Surge is definitely a range of skin and body care I would purchase again. They are easy on the pocket but still of a quality you would hope to expect from a good free-from range.

If you would like to know more visit their website at, you can connect with them on Facebook and also on Twitter.

Do let me know if you have used Organic Surge and what your experience has been. I’m still looking for some decent free-from shampoos and conditioners for my very thick hair. So far nothing seems to hit the mark for me, so any suggestions gratefully received please. Has anyone tried the hair care range from Organic Surge? Do let me know if you have.

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  1. I have tried the moisture boost hair care and enjoyed using it for a long time. Now I have switched to Desert Essence and I'm experimenting with their range. Also having a try of Essential Care but not sure how you would get on with it having thick hair.

    1. Oooh thanks for that Sarah xx I'll give the Moisture Boost a go. I'll also check out Desert Essence too. I find that I need something with a decent lather so I can get to the roots of my thick hair. Many of the free-from ones I've tried so far are great for hubby and the girls but I'm left with slightly greasy roots all the time. I'll keep hunting and check out your recommendations - thank you lovely xx

  2. I am always on the look out for good beauty products which don't cost the earth but are good to you skin. My Mum is a big user of organic things - these would be right up her street. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

    1. I am finding some real fabulous free-from skin and body care products Tori. Everything to rival the mid range to the more expensive Clarins and Estee Lauder equivalents. You'll have to pop back again soon as i will be reviewing AEOS skincare & Make-up. They are fab x Glad linking this post wasn't too cheeky for #PoCoLo but I am passionate about all things organic, natural and Eco-friendly and thought I'd share the love xx

  3. Ooh these all look great, I love finding new products!! Glad to have found you via #PoCoLo xx

    1. Hi Julia - I've really enjoyed using Organic Surge and will definitely be purchasing some more of their products. Loved their shower gel and no "chemical nasties" - hooray x Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I really struggle with products on my face but these look fab!

    1. The great thing about these and other free-from skincare companies like Organic Surge is the great choice out there now. I'm finding so many great companies and this makes me a very happy bunny indeed. Maybe you'll have to give Organic Surge a go xx

  5. I have very sensitive skin, so I do tend to favour organic products. I think I might just give these a whirl

    1. Hi Nichola - I love Green People too as a good staple which doesn't break the bank. I'll be reviewing some other good ones in the coming weeks, so pop back again soon xx

  6. It is important to do a regular treatment and Concentrating all of your efforts caring only for the skin on your face is really good to get beautiful skin.

  7. Hello I'm doing a report on organic surge and I was wondering how you felt dealing with them and what you thought of their postage and customer care?


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