Friday 19 October 2012

Introducing The Lovely 'Green People'

When I began my search for creams and lotions to lavish on my new born baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, I was sure it didn’t include all the chemical nasties which are so common place in many of the main baby product brands we find lining our supermarket shelves.

My internet search quickly landed me on the ‘Green People’ website and I jumped for joy. These guys are great. They have been around since 1997 and were founded by Charlotte Vøhtz when in 1994, her then 2 year old daughter Sandra was suffering from eczema and allergies. Charlotte found this was linked to chemical-based household and personal care products. She searched for alternatives without these chemical nasties in but was dismayed to find that all the supposedly “natural” products still contained them. Not deterred, Charlotte made her own home-made natural products to use on her daughter and was impressed by the difference they made. Several years of development later and Green People was born.

Our family has been a fan of Green People products since 2006 when Sophia was a baby. We have tried quite a few of their range over this time and have found certain ones that work well for the girls. They not only do baby and child toiletries but they also have adult toiletries and make up too. And, at affordable prices, given that the ingredients are organic and have no (yes none!) horrible chemical nasties like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants. Hooray !

Their range is vast – they have everything from shampoos to toothpaste, sun cream to nappy cream. Some of our favourites are the baby salve (great for nappy rash or sore, dry or chapped skin) - just this week both the girls were suffering with dry sore skin around their mouths from the change in temperature. I applied the baby salve and within 24 hours the skin had cleared and no tears from stinging creams either - the mandarin toothpaste, their organic children suncream (not a burnt bit of skin yet. I burn easily and have found using their sun cream has allowed me & the girls to tan safely, quickly and without prickly heat), their lavender body wash (great for soothing bedtime baths), and the aloe vera lotion. We have had no allergic reactions, the products smell great, and above all they are 100% natural. Green People are a company I have come to trust.

As mentioned before, they also do yummy adult toiletries too. I have tried several items from their skincare range (they come highly recommended) and aim to sample their make-up very soon.

And finally, with Christmas coming up and I’m sure many of you with friends about to become parents, why not treat them to one of Green People’s range of gift packs. Step on over to GreenPeople and take a look for yourself, I'm sure you'll love what you find. Enjoy !



  1. The sun creams are brilliant. They are in no way greasy or oily and rub in really well. And you don't end up smelling like a tropical cocktail!!

    1. Thanks to my lovely hubby for his feedback on Greenpeople suncreams. Nothing worse than ending up smelling like a tropical cocktail on holiday ;0)

  2. I also really recommend the Weleda range. We used their Calendula nappy cream on both of our children and never had any problems with nappy rash.

    1. Hi Breakfastlady - Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, I rate Weleda too. I have used several of their products on the girls plus myself. I'm intending to blog about a few more different products in the coming months which I have found to be really good. The options available now are so much better than they ever were which is fab new. Have a great weekend :0)


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