Thursday 9 January 2014

New Year, New Focus, New Beginnings !

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous time over the festive season with those you love. We personally had a very up and down time with the girls fighting off nasty tummy bugs and my hubby came down with the almost obligatory cold that takes hold once you stop and come off the treadmill for a while ! I seem to have escaped all lurgies and long may it continue. I now have a huge backlog of posts to write so can’t afford too many sleepless nights and ill children around if at all possible. This being a Mum thing can be hard a times J

So, on to the serious job of this blog. As you will be aware we've had an eventful year. And this new one looks just as exciting. I wanted to open 2014 with a quick post on how the blog will develop now that I have opened my own online shop to run alongside it. For me being transparent is really important.

The blog will continue as it always has. I will still be sharing all the things we have found to be of value as a family over the past 7 years. Many of them haven’t made it onto the blog yet so watch out for lots of those. I will also be sharing posts on products I have been given the opportunity to try out over the past few months from PR companies, artisan brands etc. If you have read my “About” section you will know that I am select as to what I agree to take on, try out and review. If I don’t think it is right for Sophia’s Choice, it won’t end up on the blog.

Now that I have the shop, I will also have opportunities to try out samples for this too. These products may too end up being shared on this blog even if I decide not to stock them. Anything I feel may be of interest to you, my readers, will be shared.

As always I will link to the website of that brand / company concerned. This is my choice. I do not accept paid links and I am not affiliated to the companies I blog about. I also tend to link to their FB and Twitter account too. In addition to this, I will now link to Sophia’s Choice shop if we stock the item in question. There will be many posts over the coming months which are long overdue about some of the products I have decided to include in the shop. It is your choice as to which links you follow.

All PR / Shop sample posts will now have the following image as well as a brief disclaimer.

This will clearly define that this post is not for an item we have personally bought as a family, making it easier for you my readers.

So, there you have it; lots to share, lots to write about, exciting times ! I'm off now to utilise this “kiddie free” time I have today to pen a few more blog posts. Yay! I've missed my blogging and I’ve missed you my readers – A bientot x


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  1. I hope your little ones are better soon x

    1. Thanks Karen x All seems to be going in the right direction at the moment :) Let's hope it continues. Lovely to see you stop by the blog. Thank you x


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