Monday 30 September 2013

The Joy of Music and Dance for Your Little Ones

It’s my belief that music is food for the Soul.

It’s always been important to me. Every since I was a child and particularly as a teenager I used music to escape from the difficult times life often deals us. I was a bit of a loner and music was my solace. I used different types of music for different moods and it helped me to cope in an often confusing world. I've always loved to dance and wish that I’d pursued this further when I was younger. 

So when I had Sophia I wanted to encourage her to embrace music in all its forms. She was a shy toddler who lacked confidence and through Sing and Sign and Jo Jingles classes her confidence grew and she looked forward to our weekly music and dance classes.

For Jess, my youngest we again attended Sing and Sign classes but this time we tried out Kindermusik with Magdelena Atkinson whose passion for music and dance was evident from the moment I met her. 

So rather than me share with you what we thought of Kindermusik and Magdelena’s music classes, I thought it would be nice for Magdelena to ‘Guest Post’ on Sophia’s Choice and share with you herself the positive effects music and dance have on our babies and children. Enjoy x


"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful.” – Plato

Since 2005 as a qualified music teacher I've offered music and movement classes for children in the Dorchester area. Until now I have been supporting myself and my families with the programme called KINDERMUSIK. It gave me and my families’ wings to enjoy music, create new songs, make friends, move more freely and have amazing fun! The benefits are endless.

So when to start and why?

Baby Class

Research shows that singing and swaying during pregnancy has already had an impact on the musicality of a baby. She will recognize voices around her, especially the mother’s voice. So as soon as the baby is born and the mum feels happy to be out and about, then it is good to consider starting classes. I started to bring each of my 3 children one by one at the age of 3 months. In a baby class you strengthen those early parent-child bonds, and heavily focus on child development and communication with your baby, using sign language and reading the clues from each other’s faces. You and your baby will enjoy instrument play, dance, exploration time, and together time - and you’ll get expert advice and parenting resources based on the most recent research in baby development.

Toddler Class

When the child gets older, his needs change slightly, the urge to move gets stronger, so the whole dynamics of the class change from a more mellow baby class to a more active toddler class. With more movement and action songs, I pay strong attention to the needs of relaxation at the end, teaching children to enjoy quieter time and letting go of stimulations. At that age children start to interact more with each other, they are ready for a more complex approach to learning. We sing, dance, play instruments, read stories, create sounds, share and deal with our emotions in the most safe and friendly environment.


The next age group enjoys more independence, play with language, deepening of the imagination in so many lovely and surprising ways. Here we go for music adventure to search for sounds, clues, and movements reflecting our topics.

The Structure

The classes take 45 minutes; babies and toddlers are accompanied by their caregivers. Often siblings are welcome so the experience can be for the whole family! Monthly or half termly topics give us the tools and ideas to enjoy the songs and activities around different subjects, from the world outside, to feelings and daily routines. As a musician and a singer, I also compose the songs and bring different instruments to the session, my guitar, a ukulele, a dulcimer or a variety of shakers, bells, drums, sticks, etc. Each session is different but connected to the previous and the next one.

If you have a baby or a young child, I hope that you will consider joining our sessions or invite a friend for a free trial!


 “The first time I saw Magdalena talking about her work with children and music she spoke with such fun and yet so much passion I was really keen to experience her classes with my son. My goodness she did not disappoint! Her creative spin coupled with her obvious talent and great connection with children means my son and I really enjoy our Kindermusik sessions and cherish them as special time together. I love that he comes home singing her songs. If you ever get the chance to meet Magdalena make sure you do. She is a wonderful lady with a great deal to offer”.

Lucy, mother of Ru

“We have been coming to Kindermusik sessions with Magdalena for nearly 3 years and our time there has been fantastic. We have enjoyed the Babies and now the Toddler sessions and have found them both engaging, friendly and fun!! It has been a great opportunity to explore the world of music and movement with the children and Magdalena has been an enthusiastic and supportive guide! My children love Kindermusik!” 

Catherine, James (3 years old) & Elizabeth (2 Years old - nearly!)


If you would like to find out more about Magdelena’s music classes for babies and toddlers in the Dorchester and Charlton Down area of Dorset, you can connect with her on her website or on Facebook

If you are not in the Dorset area but are interested in finding out more about Kindermusik and their classes for babies and toddlers then you can find out more here and on Facebook.



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