Sunday 2 June 2013

100% Organics Skincare and Bodycare Range – Review

Back in April I linked up with Satya Fox from 100% Organics through Twitter. Every Friday from 10-11am there is #ConnectFriday, where Green businesses link up and share. It’s a great time to chat with like minded people and make new contacts. If you’re a Green business or blogger and you haven’t joined in yet, then pop across and join in the fun.

Following our chat Satya kindly offered to send me some samples of their range to try out. 100% Organics are exactly as they say; 100% organic. Their range is accredited by the Soil Association and is Vegetarian friendly. Their products are made and supplied by a team of professional health practitioners at the Walsingham Clinic in Cornwall. All the ingredients are selected by an internationally renowned Medical Herbalist who is an expert in skin health. All the products are hand-made on their farm in Cornwall using cold extraction methods.

Their products contain an array of oils, one of which is Madagascan Tamanu oil. 100% Organics products are among the first to use this oil which is rich in essential fatty acid omega 6-3 and calophyllic acid which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This oil is healing and nourishing and has been traditionally used by Pacific Islanders for thousands of years as a remedy for many skin ailments.

I was kindly sent one of their lip balms, body balms and their more recently launched surf balm to try out. My husband has a cousin who used to surf on the European circuit so being a serious surfer we decided that the surf balm was a good one for her to try out for us. I've been using the body balm and lip balm and have definitely been impressed with their effects on my skin.

Firstly, I just love the packaging of 100% Organics products. They are colourful, funky and very modern. The packaging definitely draws you in and the tins look great on your dressing table or chest of drawers and are practical too. As someone who goes caravaning, these tins would be excellent to take with me on holiday.

So on to the products themselves; the lip balm smells delicious and is so easily spread on the lips. It melts as it’s put on and the skin just laps up the goodness. I had to keep it out of reach of little people as they were enjoying joining in the lip love far more than I liked ! This was Mummy’s lip balm, not theirs. I need to get them a pot all of their own.

The body butter again is great. My legs have always suffered a bit with all the waxing and I have a tendency towards marks, scarring and ingrown hairs if I’m not careful. This body balm was really good for nourishing my skin, putting moisture back where it was needed and healing past blemishes. It again melts onto your skin and leaves a healthy sheen. My only slight reservation was that this balm has a stronger scent of the Tamanu oil which has a very earthy smell. I didn't hate the smell but if I’m honest it has taken me a long time to accept how different it is. If you Google “tamanu oil smell” you will find that there is very much a ‘for and against’ camp for the aroma. It’s one of those Marmite moments I suppose. However, having said that if you read the comments on 100% Organics FB page they all speak highly of how lovely the face balms smell so maybe it’s just a little more potent in the body and surf balms.

I sent the surf balm off to my hubby’s cousin knowing that this balm had the strongest aroma of Tamanu oil. It would be interesting to see what her thoughts were. This is what she said,

“The 100% Organic Surf Balm is actually pretty good!

The tin is small enough to fit in your board bag and easily transportable. The logo is simple and effective yet some of the surfing advertising on the box itself is a little cliché. The tin is easy to open even in the cold with wet hands from the sea which is always a bonus. 

The Balm itself is nice to touch, soft but maintains its shape in almost all weather conditions. I dislike the smell, although it aromas are all natural and healthy, many of my friends also didn't like the linger that is left on your skin.

It feels soft to touch on your face and was great at combating the salt. It applies thickly although you don't need very much of it. It also has the feeling of protection, both from the sun and other elements.

I like the product but feel the aroma could be greatly improved and to be honest when I come out from a surf I rarely ever put protective cream on immediately. I usually go home, shower and then apply my face creams and this product is not one I would apply at home on a day to day basis readily.”

I cannot doubt the fabulous healing properties of this skin and bodycare range and the feedback I read is really very good. I would definitely like to try more of the range, particularly the face balms. The aroma of the body balm has grown on me over time. My nose has got used to its unique qualities. It’s certainly not like Neem ! Hope that reassures you ;0)

Would I buy the body balm again? Yes I would. And I would certainly buy the lip balm again too. It was yummy. I think the healing properties from all the ingredients in these products are really very good and I’ll definitely report back again once I've tried out some of the face balms. The prices for this range start at £11 for the lip balm, £19 for the surf balm, £29 for the body balm up to £46 for the anti-wrinkle balm.

If you want to find out more about the 100% Organics range then pop across to their website, follow them on Twitter or give them a Like on Facebook. 

Have any of you tried out this range of products or used tamanu oil before. I’d love to know your views so please do leave me a comment. Until next time x
Update: 100% Organic have sadly now ceased trading.


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Disclaimer: I was given a 100ml tin of body balm, a 50ml tin of surf balm and a 15ml tin of lip balm to try out and keep for this review. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are honest, true and my own feelings on the products I tried.



  1. Another range I want to try this one is already on my list, I want to try the cleanser, you can't fault the ingredients or the companies policies! x

    1. Hi Ana xx Totally agree. 100% Organics range is faultless on their ingredients. I definitely want to try out more of the range. You should pop across on Fridays for #ConnectFriday as there are lots of fab people there xx

  2. I love their Cleanser it's on my Top 5 list :)

    1. Hi Sarah - Ah great to hear from someone who has used one of the face products. If it's made your top 5 Sarah it has to be good :0) And everything I read is all good too xx

  3. Aw, thanks for the fab review & your lovely comments!

    Just to let you know, our full range is discounted by 40% at our Facebook Shop!

    Facebook Shop:
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    1. Hi Satya - Thanks for popping by xx I think your 40% off offer on the FB Page will certainly entice me to purchase something else from the range. Watch this space :0) Glad you enjoyed the review x

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