Monday 15 April 2013

Natural and Organic Products Europe Exhibition 2013

Well, a week has been and gone already since I visited the Natural & Organic Products Europe Exhibition on 7th April. The exhibition which ran for two days on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th April at Olympia, London was apparently the best show they’d experienced in their 17 year history and saw a 20% rise in visitor numbers this year and I’m not surprised. The place was buzzing from the time I arrived mid-morning until I left mid-afternoon. It was mind boggling at times wandering around looking at all the amazing stands and all the fabulous products on display.

I had to keep myself very focused on the people & companies I was keen to connect with during my visit. I’m awful in shops when it comes to bright, shiny, beautiful things that draw my eye in. My husband says I’m an advertiser’s dream! And even though I was exceptionally restrained, I still didn't get around to seeing everyone I’d wanted to. The time just flew by. I did however meet up with some really lovely people who run some exciting free-from companies.

I was there for two reasons; firstly to connect with people face-to-face, which I believe is so important in developing lasting relationships with the “real” people behind the products, particularly the smaller businesses, and secondly, it gave me a chance to research potential options for the online shop I ultimately wish to have running alongside this blog. It was always my intention to have a small online shop which would sell some of the products I had tried, tested and recommended on Sophia’s Choice. I’m one of those people who believes in selling products I am passionate about. I don’t just want to sell something because everyone else does. I want to sell products because I have trust in them and I have used them myself or on the girls.

Attending an exhibition like this also gives you the opportunity to gather up a few samples to try out of all the products which interest you. It astounded me the people who literally came armed with a small hand luggage case on wheels! How many samples were they expecting to take home? In fact there were a couple of times I witnessed some people just diving into the sample bins to grab a freebie! Samples, particularly for smaller businesses are expensive to produce. It really surprised me the bullish attitude of some who obviously weren't there to necessarily sell these products or make connections with the companies concerned but just in it for a freebie. I suppose it’s horses for courses, but let’s just say I wasn't dragging a heavily laden case behind me. Maybe I’m the fool !

However, I did pick up some samples from some of the companies I’d like to look at selling in my online shop. The benefit of this too, is that you, my lovely readers will also get to benefit from what I think of them all over the coming weeks. For those of you who may be interested in who they are, we have:

Childs Farm Natural & Organic Children’s Toiletries
Pitta Patta Organic Baby Skincare Range
Naturally Cool Kids Children’s Free-from Skincare Range
Keep It Kind Deodorants for Kids and Teenagers (age 8+) containing natural ingredients
Jack 'n Jill Natural Toothpaste for Kids
Mary Elizabeth Natural Organic Skincare
GreenFrog Natural Soap Products (using soapnuts)
Ecozone Household Products
Living Naturally Soapnuts Products
Organic Burst Superfood Supplements
Sun Chlorella Nutritional Supplements

So it would appear that I am going to be a busy bee in the coming weeks, trying out some of the above company’s products and sharing my findings with you all.

I’m really very excited about what the coming months have in store for Sophia’s Choice. It is slowly but surely growing and evolving with time. The blog will remain as it has always been. I've a lot to share with you here so stay tuned for lots more interesting posts which I hope you’ll enjoy.

So, until next time my lovelies x



  1. Looks like an interesting day out, I found Keep It Kind at the Vitality Show, my friend purchased one for her boy. Interesting company & a great idea.

    1. Hi Sarah - It was very buzzy there and loads to see. I have given one of my samples to my nephew to try out for me and I'm going to get another friend's daughter to try the other spray deodorant out too. I think that the feeling is that kids, particularly teenagers like to have something which is just for them. As all the stuff on the market is predominately baby/child or adult based, there is definitely a gap being filled in the market for the teens. Green People's Oy range, and Naturally Cool Kids are trying to fill this gap. It will be interesting to see how it develops and what the Keep It Kind deodorants are like x

  2. You found some great brands, I am looking forward to the launch of the shop, I hope everything goes really well for you :) x

    1. Aww thanks Ana xx If all goes to plan I will aim to launch the shop in September after the kids holidays. It's all a big research exercise at the moment but I'm so excited at all the fab free-from businesses out there particularly the small ones. Looking forward to sharing it all on the blog xx

  3. We went last year and I think we picked the busiest time to go. It was a free for all then too which I too thought was very sad. I was pregnant at the time and on crutches with an broken ankle and didn't enjoy being constantly pushed around by people so I sadly never got to enjoy it. Maybe I will, have to give another go next year. I use the sun chlorella and love item - I look for wars to giving it to LO when he's a little bigger. I look forwards to what you think of all the other products.

    1. Hi Amy - Being pregnant and on crutches at an exhibition doesn't sound like fun at all ! Shame as it was a great day. I'd say definitely try again next year. I'm aiming to go to the Organic & Natural Beauty Show in June too. See what else is out there and worth looking at. You can mix Sun Chlorella in smoothies. This may be a way of giving your LO a small amount. Sun Chlorella would advise you too. They were really friendly xx

  4. Will def try the smoothie idea thanks! My friend gives them to her two year old as sweets. Her LO chops them down like other kids would smarties. Lol

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